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  • Inaction in Darfur

    This article was forwarded to me a bit ago by a friend of my wife’s. She’s a friend of the author, having grown up with him. I’ve been remiss about reading this and posting about it, but after finding some time tonight, I need to get this off my chest now. Through lens in Darfur, […]

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  • Angry Marine Wives

    Cassandra over at Villainous Company has a great post that deserves a full read commenting on the Democrats (and Gordon Smith’s) lack of seriousness about the Iraq War and their unwillingness to “support the troops”. This has been on my mind lately, as the Congressional leadership pushes these surrender deadlines tied to the war’s funding. […]

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  • Common Sense Bill

    Virginia Postrel over at Dynamist Blog (she used to the the editor over at Reason Magazine, which I’ve been an avid reader of for over 10 years) has a good post today, quoting Jonathan Rauch. I’ll copy exactly what she did, but I encourage you to read her blog — she doesn’t post that often, […]

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  • Radio Fiction

    I listen to podcasts on almost a daily basis on my iPod. If you’ve never heard of this term, essentially, they’re radio programs recorded and posted to the web. They’re usually posted on a regular basis — daily, weekly, etc. Most people download them in the morning before they’re off to work, and listen to […]

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  • Prius vs Hummer

    No, I’m not talking about off road capabilities, but environmental impact. I’m sure 99% of the country, when asked which vehicle is better for the environment, would choose the Toyota Prius. But they’d be wrong, incredibly. Read the piece published by the Reason Foundation: Spinella spent two years on the most comprehensive study to date […]